2023 Genesis GV60 – An Overview of this Luxury EV 


This crossover EV is how Genesis attracted electric vehicle enthusiasts to the brand. This is an interesting luxury EV that people can enjoy as it offers posh features along with a commanding powertrain. You can buy this Genesis EV, as it is one of the best options for you. To understand, why this is an ideal electric car to buy, an individual will require an overview of this luxury EV.

Hence, take a look below at what this car offers to the owners!

An overview of 2023 Genesis GV60

When going through an overview of such vehicles, one should check out three aspects; powertrain available, design and features, and price. These three things will give the ultimate overview of any vehicle that one might be interested in purchasing.

  • Electric motors

Currently, only one powertrain will be available at its launch. It will consist of dual motors, where each of the motors will sit on each of its axles. It is created that way to ensure that this car has an AWD setup and the base model offers 314 horses, while the other available version created 429 horsepower. However, the optional trim can reach 483 ponies if the driving mode “Boost” is engaged.

With this driving mode, people can reach 0-60 mph within 3.7 seconds, making it one of the fastest-performing EVs in the market. Also, people remarkably enjoy its road manners; smooth driving along with supreme handling of Porsche models like the Macan. Also, with a 77.4-kWh battery, this car has a driving range of 249 miles.

Even when cruising, this car offers a noise-free cabin that makes a journey better for all. People seeking to buy this vehicle should check out its performance and power by taking a test drive first. It will tell you everything that you expect to know about this vehicle.

  • Design

This crossover comes with a distinct design along with Genesis’ unique twin-headlight style. The front end just offers a glimpse of what luxury vehicles should look like. The mesh grille, Genesis logo on the hood, and the overall layout just ooze class.

To match this, the interior has been created likewise. One of the coolest features that add elegance is its gear selector. It comes with an upside-down flipping system when the car is parked. Facial recognition, biometric system, keyless start, etc. are just some of the top-notch features that owners of this vehicle will enjoy. Know more about Genesis electric vehicles by contacting a dealer near you.

  • Reasonable price

A car of this stature should cost $100k or more. However, Genesis is known for offering the best luxury builds that its competitors can’t provide even when charging almost double. The standard option of this car is priced at $60,415 while the option and more luxurious trim will cost $69,415. Most people opt for the higher-end trim since they are buying a luxury vehicle; thus, they want all the luxury features that a car has to offer.

With an overview of the power available, design, and pricing it is not hard to understand that you want to acquire this vehicle as soon as possible. Hence, reach out to a Genesis dealer quickly to book a model.