3 Most Car Common Problems Every Car Owner May Experience


Car problems are likely to happen due to wear and tear. The most common issues involve either the tires or the engine. To avoid costly maintenance repairs, replace damaged wirings or faulty parts ASAP as these may cause vehicular accidents or traffic jams. Whether it’s for a Honda, Toyota, Nissan, or Renault, spare parts in Singapore are always up for grabs!

Nissan is one of the leading car brands in Singapore. To help you know Nissan car parts more, read further.


As your car ages, your battery ages along with it. The most common cause of battery failure or dead battery is acid stratification, low charge, or leaving the lights and air conditioner on when the car isn’t started. Always check the expiration date of your battery, so you would know when should you have it replaced. Keep a Nissan battery and other spare parts in Singapore.


Generally, spark plugs last for years. However, when you struggle to start your vehicle or slow acceleration, it may indicate that your spark plugs need replacement. It’s advisable to have it replaced every five to ten months. Also, it’s more affordable and reliable to buy spark plugs from a Nissan spare parts manufacturer in Singapore.


Oil leaks are usual car problems. It may occur due to faulty spark plugs or loose oil filters installation. To avoid sudden stops in the middle of your drive and oil leaks, regularly change your oil filters and invest in durable Nissan oil filters and spare parts in Singapore.

One way to avoid these car problems is by getting regular car maintenance checkups. Car specialists will instantly know and fix which needs repair. Also, it’s essential to keep a few easy-to-install Nissan, Honda, Renault parts in Singapore or any brand of your car inside. For instance, keep a spare tire, key entry, battery, etc.

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