Check out the 2023 Ram 1500


Ram 1500 is an outstanding pickup that has a high demand in modern times. Numerous aspects lead people to purchase this truck; some of these aspects include a powerful engine, great price tag, cool design, etc. People looking to own a 2023 Ram 1500 model should reach Socastee Dodge Ram dealer. Before that, you can take an overview of this vehicle below.

Ram 1500’s engine

V6 as well as V8 both are available for people to choose from for equipping it under this vehicle’s hood. These engines are paired with an automatic 8-speed smooth transmission. However, this is not all; both these engines come with a combined hybrid setup of 48-volt. Ram has thought about every potential buyer of this pickup; hence, there is a gas-powered V8 engine powertrain also available for people looking to avoid the hybrid option.

Ram 1500’s Rebel variant is for people looking to take it off-road and be adventurous. It has a beefier design than the rest of the trims and uses coil springs as standard rear suspension. Nevertheless, this pickup manufacturer also offers air springs suspension as an option. Most people opt for air springs as it allows them to adjust their vehicle’s ride height according to road condition. This, in turn, makes this truck fuel-efficient and also improves its performance off-road. Also, combined, the V6 offers 23 mpg, while its V8 version offers 20 mph.


This vehicle has the capability of serious towing heavy loads. Its maximum towing capacity is 12,750 and has a payload capacity of 2,320 pounds. Making it have the best towing capacity in this segment of pickups.

Towing and payload capacity will depend on the trim an individual purchases. Therefore, to know how much you can tow, it is better to consult when buying Ram 1500 by reaching Socastee Dodge Ram dealership.


Ample passenger space along with upscale materials for higher-end trims makes it quite an attractive option. People buying top trims will feel like sitting in the lap of luxury due to the numerous features added that highly other trucks provide.

Some of the standard options include ventilated and heated seats, panoramic sunroof, etc. Optional features include original wood accents, top-quality leather surfaces, comfortable seating, a 12-inch touchscreen display, smartphone integration, and more.

Crew cab is what most people buy as it offers ample room along with massive interior storage capacity. Also, its unique tailgate with a split-folding system makes it quite the catch.


The standard trim starts from a little over $39k. However, premium trims like Rebel, Longhorn, and Limited are priced at $55,930, $61,875, and $66,290 respectively. There is a total of 7 versions of Ram 1500 for people to choose from. To know about every version in detail, you can visit the showroom instantly.

These are just the specs of the 2023 Ram 1500. If you want to know what it feels like when sitting inside this vehicle, then head over to a Ram dealership today. It will help you understand why this is the best pickup for you to get.