Essential Services you can Find at a Dodge Dealership


Whether you are the owner of a new, or used Dodge vehicle, you will need to get it serviced at some point or the other. It is true that you do not have to take it to a Dodge dealership for service, but doing so is considered a smart move. This is because authorized technicians will service your vehicle, which ensures it is running at optimal levels at all times. Moreover, the Dodge dealer can also take care of any repairs that might be needed. If you are curious about the services a Dodge dealership offers, you can check the essential ones below.

Oil changes

If you want to maintain your Dodge’s internal engine parts, you need to get its oil changed regularly. This can prevent corrosion and rust, reduce friction, improve weather tolerance and reduce heat. More importantly, it keeps the engine clean and also improves the overall performance of the vehicle. 

Tire services

A Dodge dealership also offers tire services for your vehicle. Tire rotation is usually done at the same time as the oil change and it is essential to ensure all tires wear equally. Otherwise, your vehicle may end up requiring new tires earlier than it should. Authorized Dodge technicians can also align the wheels, check tire pressure and even fix a flat tire if you run over any road debris or a nail and need it fixed.

Battery services

A damaged or weak battery means that you will not be able to take your Dodge vehicle far. If you think there is an issue with the battery, it might be time for Dodge service. The dealership can test the current battery and if your car needs a new one, they can get the right one for you. They usually stock batteries for current models, which means you may not have to wait. 

Brake services

To ensure road safety, you need to ensure that your Dodge brakes are working properly. You can get them specifically checked, or they can be inspected when you take your car in for an oil change. If the technician finds that you need new drums, or pads, they can provide those services as well. As a matter of fact, Dodge service centers can also improve the effectiveness of your brakes by flushing them, or resurface pads if they seem to be wearing unevenly.

Multipoint inspection

When you take your Dodge in for an oil change at the service center, they also do a complimentary multi-point inspection. This means that the headlights, taillights, tires and wiper blades will be inspected. Not only do they check the exterior, but they also look under the hood to check the hoses, fluids, belts and more. Lastly, they also inspect the air filter, brakes, struts, shocks and exhaust system to assess their working condition. If they find any issues, they are addressed and dealt with at your direction. 

No matter what kind of Dodge service you need, you can just go to a reliable Dodge dealer and they will have it covered.