Is it expensive to maintain a Tesla? 


Because Tesla is completely electric, it has a couple of moving parts to be concerned about that are not easily damaged. Thus, maintenance costs for your Tesla in the initial years will be minimal and your car will not be able to break down quickly. Additionally, you will not need to worry about standard maintenance as we mentioned previously.

You must keep track of a few regular maintenance tasks every year as a part of Tesla Aftercare. They include tire rotation and replacement of the cabin air filter or wiper blades, as well as fluid flushing for the brake system. It is nevertheless essential to determine how much will have to pay for these annual maintenance parts. 

Do I need to use the Ceramic Coating on my brand-new Car?

The answer is yes. The coating of your vehicle right after purchase is advantageous because you will require less preparation or correction and can save time and cost.

The coating’s ceramic properties provide an additional layer of protection for your vehicle’s exterior and help keep it looking new and fresh with very little maintenance. The coating accomplishes this by making your vehicle cleaner and more durable.

There are a variety of types of ceramic coatings on the market such as DIY, Fresh-Layer recommends that you consult a professional to ensure that the paint on your vehicle is in good hands!

Advantages of Ceramic Coating on Your New Vehicle

Some things could cause your car to appear shabby and old-fashioned, such as peeling paint and massive scratches of rust on your car’s doors, roof, and even your hood. If you wish for your car to appear new, investing in a ceramic coating is the ideal choice. 

Here are some additional advantages.


Every time you drive around in your vehicle, you are exposing the paint to various pollutants that can cause damage. Ceramic coating is tough paint protection to the body of your vehicle that helps to stop the foreign matter from causing damage to the car. Ceramic coating also shields your vehicle from damaging ultraviolet rays that can cause oxidation and rust. 


The coating of ceramic is hydrophobic. This means that it blocks water. This makes cleaning easy since it allows dirt and other debris to slide off easily after a quick wash. After cleaning, the coating of ceramic will reflect the characteristics of your car’s clear coat as well as paint, enhancing the clarity and the depth of the paint. 

  • A cost-effective option 

One of the most appealing parts of this type of coat is it is an extremely economical option for you. Although the cost could be greater in the beginning, it is less over the long term since you will not have to pay for things like car washes wax, or other options for exterior detailing. Fresh-Layer’s prices are affordable and will not leave your wallet feeling dry.