Top 10 Reasons to buy the BMW G310 R – the ultimate Roadster bike in India


When learning to ride, beginners frequently look for a motorcycle that is lightweight and simple to control. The G 310 R- the best roadster bike in India can prove to be a suitable option or a great stepping stone for people who wish to learn in style.

Every day becomes an opportunity to attempt something new, with the stunning G 310 R. No matter if you are heading to work, an appointment, or outside of the city, the complete package offers everything you need. 

Below are the top 10 reasons to buy the BMW roadster bike in India –

1. Stunning Design

The chassis structure and exposed lower body are a powerful combination for demonstrating the supremacy of the Roadster. A sturdy aluminium swingarm guarantees stability and lightness whenever you weave through metropolitan traffic. The standard LED headlights and LED indicators will turn the dark into daylight. In addition to having a clearer sight, you can also be seen by other drivers more clearly.

The BMW S 1000 R’s DNA can be found in the G 310 R. It stands for lightness, accuracy, and a pure riding experience thanks to its unadorned design, which wears its heart on its sleeve. Additionally, it promises a smooth ride and the positive vibe that comes from riding a motorcycle with the blue and white propeller symbol on its flanks.

2. Sporty Style

The Style Sport option adds bright red highlights to the white and dark grey body panels as well as bright red wheels and a frame. The other two colour schemes, Cosmic Black and Polar White, are equally stylish and striking. Together with the footrest plates and pillion passenger grips, it gives the G 310 R a contemporary appearance. I would say that I don’t see any design flaws in it.

3. Ride All Day with Comfort

The bike is comfortable for all-day cruising at 100-110 km/h. Glide Through Technology (GTT), a characteristic of BMW, is effectively a low-rpm assist that makes the bike crawl through traffic using only clutch modulation. For more comfort and control, you can shorten the distance from the handlebar by up to six millimetres over four levels by adjusting the clutch and brake levers. The seat is a special accessory that is offered in three different sizes to allow you to comfortably explore your city.

4. Ergonomic Control and Additional Features

Ergonomic control elements and handlebars give you a complete view of the commotion in the large metropolis and ensure that your ride will be exceptional.

The digital instrument cluster displays data such as average miles, average speed, two trip metres, the odometer, fuel gauge, gear position, the remaining fuel in the tank, and engine temperature. A TFT Colour instrument display with Bluetooth connectivity is a feature which could have been provided by BMW Motorrad.

5. Dynamic Performance

Although the BMW motorcycle has a top speed of 148 kmph, it feels comfortable even at moderate cruising speeds. You can travel 320 kilometres with its 11-litre gasoline tank. This amounts to a combined mileage of about 31 kmpl. Give the motorcycle some fuel, and you’ll see an increase in the litres per 100 kilometres. Push yourself every day while enjoying the manoeuvrability, simplicity, and sportiness of the G 310 R.

6. The 313 CC Engine

The bike is driven by a liquid-cooled, four-valve, 313 cc (19.1 cu in) single-cylinder engine shared with the TVS Apache RR 310 that, according to BMW, generates 28 Nm (21 lb-ft) of torque at 7,500 rpm and 25 kW (33.6 bhp) of power at 9,500 rpm. Because the intake is in the front and the exhaust is towards the back of the engine, the configuration is unique.

The BMW G310 R’s 313 ccm single-cylinder four-stroke engine, when compared to other 300cc bikes in India, not only brings excitement in the chaos of large cities but also while you are fast changing turns and redefining the city limits.

7. 43mm Upside Down Forks

The bike’s gold anodised forks, which are unusual for bikes, especially in this price category, are its standout feature. The 43mm Upside Down Forks with movable rear mono shocks are excellent at what they do. Despite the fast speed, there won’t be much jerking.

8. Dual Channel ABS

BMW Motorrad offers dual-channel ABS for the BMW G 310 R. For bikes with such a high performance speed, ABS is required. The braking force is rather substantial and immediate. It becomes extremely frightening to suddenly brake while riding at high speeds. But you won’t lose all of your confidence even if you suddenly brake at 80 or even 100 kilometres per hour. The bike has 240mm Bybre discs in the back and 300mm Bybre discs up front.

9. Ride-by-Wire System

Any mechanical linkage or connection between the accelerator and the throttle is eliminated with ride-by-wire technology.

The BMW G 310 R’s engine is built with a Ride by Wire technology, which improves engine responsiveness and eases power delivery, so you can dose out power more accurately.

10. Attractive Price

The 2021 BMW G 310 R price in India is even more appealing due to its revised pricing. Its price of Rs 2.65 lakh is considerably lower than that of other well-known roadster bikes in the market. Currently, in India, the least expensive BMW motorcycle is the G 310 R. The G 310 R is capable of ranking among the top five roadster motorcycles. You should really take this into consideration if you’re looking for a powerful, swift, and manoeuvrable motorcycle for under Rs 3 lakhs.


All things considered, the G310R offers a pleasurable riding experience, thanks to its strong mid-range grunt and practical, albeit unflashy features.

There is not much more to say after the emphasis placed above. By now, you may have figured out that the G310R is the best roadster motorcycle in India.