A Brief Guide About Car Tyres


Tyres are the just contact your car has with the roadway, so it is necessary to keep them at optimum efficiency, maintain them always, and recognize how they work.

Equipped with all the info, you can relax, as well as delight in the drive, recognizing that your care tyres are safe, as well as executing at their best.

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What do the markings on my tyre sidewalls suggest?


When searching for new tyres, most individuals have to discover “where can I find my tire details?” Your tyre expertise ought, to begin with comprehending the sidewall markings. A tire’s sidewall contains all the information you’ll need to know about that tyre.

How do you check out tire codes?


  • Tyre Width: The width of your tire, in millimetres, gauged from side to side
  • Element Ratio: This is the proportion of the tire’s cross-section to its width, revealed as a portion. An aspect proportion of 65, as an example, shows that the tyre’s height is 65% of its size.
  • Wheel Size: The size, or elevation, of the wheel, measured in inches.
  • Load index: Your tire’s load index relates to its optimum carrying ability, in kg. You’ll find the load ranking of your tire on the sidewall, just to the right of the size.
  • Speed ranking: The speed rating is the maximum speed for a tire when it is appropriately filled with air, as well as being utilised under loads.

There is plenty, even more, to understand about your tire’s sidewall markings. For a more comprehensive view, read our guide on tire sidewall markings.

How Long Will Tyres Last?

Your tyres will last longer the better you take care of them. Taking excellent treatment of your tires will expand their lifespan, as well as by upkeeping them well, they are going to perform well till the day you require to replace them.