Are you following these maintenance tips for your bike?


Getting a new bike is a lifetime experience. You have worked really hard to achieve this goal and thus, it is a rewarding achievement to own one. To enjoy a bike riding experience for years, it is essential that you maintain it well and make it look as good as new for long. We have some maintenance tips as shared by experts to help you and your bike enjoy each other’s company as true companions.

Most people love their bike more than self and they cannot imagine stepping outside the house without them. This article is for them and how they can maintain their bike for long. Brands like Allied Action Sports will help you pick the right one.

Follow these 10 easy maintenance tips for your sports bike:

  1. Get your engine oil checked at regular intervals. It is essential that you lubricate the engine that helps keep the bike cool for long. That way you can enjoy a riding experience for long.
  2. Inspect, replace, or repair your types at regular intervals. It is one part of the bike that wears and tears the most due to rigorous traveling. Get your bike serviced.
  3. Clean your air filters. Air filter is another essential part in bike maintenance process. Dust and debris block the air filter messing up with the bike performance.
  4. Get your bike chain inspected too. Look for damages and repair it immediately to enjoy a smooth riding experience.
  5. Check your bike’s battery. It is another critical part of your bike. Also check the level of distilled water in your battery as a part of the maintenance.
  6. Wash or clean your bike regularly. Bikes are parked outside and thus, these are more prone to dust and dirt. Cleaning it regularly sustains the bike’s looks and shine.
  7. Go for engine maintenance. Engine is like a brain of your bike. Thus, a smooth and efficient engine gives you better mileage for years. Get your engine’s carburetor cleaned and ensure there is proper gap in your spark plug.
  8. Get your clutch checked. Different bikes have different clutch adjustments. Ensure that yours is intact and is neither too loose nor too tight.
  9. Replace your brake pads. Maintain spaces between your brake pads. If you hear any screeching sound, take it as a red flag and rush your bike immediately to a nearest center.
  10. Always choose branded and quality products from companies like Allied Action Sports for longer durability and safety.