We have the i-car gold class which is only achieved by less than 10 percent of the auto repair industry. We at Accurate auto body are a part of some of the exclusive clubs of auto repair that are focused on giving the best quality auto body repair that can be done right in our auto body shop. Over here we apply all sorts of repairs to the body of the car depending on the extent of damage incurred by the car Whatever it is it’s not beyond us at Accurate auto body.

With our auto body shop, we make extensive use of paintless dent repair. This is mostly used when the painting is still intact though the car got damaged a lot of clients prefer this as it is pocket friendly. Sometimes it Is applied on larger dent apart from being inexpensive it is fast to fix which is a major factor why most clients love it. Even when the painting is damaged we do have a solution which is in the form of our color matching technology, with this you can hardly tell the difference between the newly applied paint and the old one.

We have our experts at our auto body shop who are well trained by Toyota with their best equipment on the various types of their vehicles. Beyond Toyota, we are certified by Honda all this to prove our long-standing performance as the leading auto body shop in Denver, Colorado. This has been the case since its inception in 1991 we are still standing tall and standing out from every other auto body shop around. Having an affiliation with Honda and Toyota does not in any way mean that we are restricted to those car brands as we are experts on all things auto body repair. No matter the brand we are just as good with others as we are with Honda and Toyota so all brands are welcome to our auto body shop.