Here are The Types of Armored Cars That You Must Know of

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Armored vehicles provide you the maximum security in a vehicle. They are designed to sustain any kinds of physical threats to the people and goods in the vehicle, attacks like fire and bullets. Car companies generally make armored cars for special sectors like the military, law enforcement, government, and security services. But as a civilian, you can also buy an armored car. You can also modify your existing cars into one of your life. Armored cars are designed to protect you from any attack. Contact Troy Armoring armored sedans for more information if you require armored cars.

Here are the types of armored cars you can look for while buying one:

  • Armored limousines – limousines are usually designed to carry many individuals together. Most political leaders and businessmen use them. An armored limousine will give you protection and luxury at the same time. An armored limousine gives you maximum security and protection, keeping in mind the individual needs.
  • Armored sedans have become the most convenient armored sedans for celebrities, politicians, and VIPs nowadays. It gives you comfort and luxury while traveling and the protection you need. You will have the same design for your Mercedes, BMW, or Audi but a secured exterior.
  • Armoured SUVs – armored SUVs can be used by any civilian too. Suppose you want an SUV with power, durability, performance, and a high level of security. In that case, you can get an armored SUV or convert your SUV into an armored one. SUVs are great in their performance and durability, add security and protection to them, and become the best types of vehicles one can have.
  • Armored trucks – trucks are usually used to carry goods. Trucks that carry valuable goods that need protection and might possess the possible threat of attacks will need armored exteriors, which will protect not only the goods but also the driver carrying the goods.
  • Special purpose vehicles – some special purpose armored vehicles can withstand high-level attacks. They are specially made for ranked officers or government personnel.


At Troy Armouring Armoured, we provide the highest range of armored vehicles to choose from or update your old vehicles to an armored one. Whether you are a part of the government, military, or law enforcement, you may need armored vehicles to ensure your safety. While choosing armored vehicles, don’t compromise on the quality of the protection they offer and don’t compromise on comfort.