How does the vehicle perform in terms of car pawn loan?


People who go to one of our branches or contact the service staff to pawn a car take advantage of the occasion to express various doubts, for example, how is the procedure carried out? What are the sanctions in case of not complying with debt? One of the main factors by which men and women lose capital is by improperly using the credits provided by financial institutions. There is one of them that they also usually tell us about and deals with the car delivery process. Knowing it is important so that you are prepared and can enjoy your vehicle again when the payment is complete.

How does the vehicle perform?

With Atlanta Title Loan, rest assured that you would recover your vehicle. The process to enjoy it again takes some time, although, in our case, it is usually faster than other car loan houses. To do this, apply the following steps.

Step one

The first thing you should do is go to the branch where you applied for the loan and tell the staff that you are ready to settle the loan. This not only applies when meeting the term of 13 payments, but also if they plan to anticipate payments to enjoy the interest reduction, although this applies only if they do not have any month of debit and is up to date with their payments.

Step two

Once they attend to you, the staff will process a card indicating that you have to deposit the missing amount. It is necessary to go out to make the deposit, but it is a quick process and can even be done in self-service stores near our branch.

Step three

Next, you have to return to the branch for the staff to take your documentation. If you have any questions about this procedure, the person in charge will help you so that there are no missing documents.

Step four

The delivered documents are sent to the corporate office so that the request can be reviewed and it can be confirmed that everything is in order. The series of steps listed so far applies to the loan with a guarantee or a GPS loan. Subsequently, there will be slight variations, although, in general, the process is the same.

Step five

What follows is to order the team of mechanics to prepare the vehicle before it is delivered. This applies to any unit, be it family cars, luxury cars, and sport cars. In the case of the basic modality, verifications are carried out so that everything is in good condition and we can even recommend some adjustments or change of parts so that you obtain it in better condition.

For the GPS modality, the geo-location device must be removed to guarantee the client’s privacy. You should know that the process could take up to a week, although, in some cases, it is usually less. Once you obtain your vehicle, you will be able to enjoy it with total freedom, including requesting another loan, which will be favorable for you, since we handle a history of each client.