Jayco Trailers- Quality Craftsmanship and Customer Experience

Jayco Trailers- Quality Craftsmanship and Customer Experience


Travel trailers are the most admired category of non-motorized RV. They are drawn by cars along the highway. They come in various sizes ranging from small jellybean shapes models to mammoth houses on wheels adorned with a kitchen, smoked glass decorative windows, flush toilets and kitchen countertops with a microwave. In the early 50s, travel trailers were called bumper pull, as they were fastened to the bumper of the hauling car. The modern design is aerodynamic. The vacuum bond laminated gel-coated fiberglass exterior wall mounted on an aluminum frame is weather resistant. The interior is plush crafted from hardwood and floor made of vinyl.

2016 Trailer Life Reader`s choice

If you have ever spent a few days in an RV or seen it gliding down the highway, you must be familiar with Jayco trailers. Jayco is a premier, fast-selling brand of RV easily recognized by its bluebird emblem. The brand is distinguished with premium quality, affordability, and a vast selection of layouts. The brand stood for quality craftsmanship and customer experience and received a bronze award in the 2016 Trailer Life Reader`s choice. If you are opting to buy a brand new trailer or munching for future investment Jayco is a great choice.

Innovation, Affordability and Technology

The company was founded in 1968 by couple Lloyd and Bertha Bontrager in northern Indiana, producing archetype folding camping trailers. The newly designed pop up camping trailer with a lifter system was an instant hit. They also designed the company logo, a blue jay in flight, emphasizing the company philosophy of free as a bird. Lloyd died in a plane crash in 1985, but the company flourished, focusing on innovation, affordability and technology. In 2011 the company was the world`s largest private enmity of RV manufacturer. 

Magnum Truss and Magnum Truss XL6

The craftsmanship and design of Jayco RV are distinguishable by several manufacturing marvels. Each model comes with a three-year warranty for two years, a three-year structural warranty, a Jayco climate guard, a sturdy foundation, and a Magnum Truss and Magnum Truss XL6 roof system. This roof system use screws rather than staples to make it more resilient enduring 4,500lbs; the endurance power is almost fifty per cent more than another trailer roof. Custom made nail plates are used to lock the joints on the roof truss. This gives it more strength, taut fit, implying less movement. 

Climate Shield

The climate shield incorporated in the RV can withstand extreme weather conditions from scorching heat to sub-zero one. The inbuilt temperature control maintains an interior temperature of seventy-one when outside is a hundred degrees Fahrenheit. When the exterior temperature plunges to zero, the plumbing system remains operational with an average interior temperature of sixty-eight. 

Free As Bird

The trailer is your new home, allowing you to explore new terrain and gain new experiences you long longed for. By owning an RV, you can spend more time in an exotic location and soak into the full experience of the place rather than staying for a short time. You can experience the fathomless beauty of the surrounding, not only the physical ones but the philosophical beauty of living light and establish some values that thrive generation after generation. The viewpoint of Jayco trailers free as the bird comes true.