The 4 Stages of Aggressive Driving


Road rage happens when a driver intends to create physical or verbal harm to other motorists due to aggression or anger. When stuck in traffic, running late for work, or an appointment, any of these can trigger for a driver to feel annoyed or angry behind the wheel. However, regardless of the situation, road rage should never be the answer.

In America alone, 82% of drivers admit to driving aggressively and 30% of annual murders are linked to road rage. That said, in every moment of frustration, one should have the ability to handle the emotion.

The Stages of Aggressive Driving

  1. Demonstrating Non-Threatening Gestures

During this phase, the driver will use rude gestures or pull a face to show annoyance.

  1. Flashing lights, Honking, Tail Gating, or Blocking

This happens when the driver thinks that he is wronged by another driver by cutting in. This is when the aggressive driver responds to the “situation” by braking maliciously, blinking lights, honking, or blocking other vehicles.

  1. Yelling, Cursing, Threatening

As a result of traffic related-issues, motorists would respond with aggression. This may involve stepping out of the car and confronting the other party.

  1. Chasing a Vehicle, Using of Gun or Other Weapons, Hitting Vehicles with Objects

Criminal offenses happen during this stage of aggressive driving. This is when an aggressive driver would confront the other driver with weapons, fire guns, chase the vehicle, or run a vehicle off the road.

Triggers of Aggressive Driving

Car accident lawyers in Wisconsin and other states find the following reasons for road rage:

  • Stress caused by personal problems like work pressure, relationship issues, running late to destination, unnecessary phone calls
  • Poor road conditions like holes and bumps
  • Roadblocks without prior notice due to events
  • Jaywalkers and pedestrians weaving through traffic
  • Illegal parking creating an unnecessary bottleneck
  • Traffic jam
  • Irresponsible drivers who ignore traffic rules

How to Deal with Aggressive Driving

To prevent the worse scenario of seeing car accident lawyers in Wisconsin, make sure to remember the following tips:

  • If you are not in the mood or upset, always give yourself time to cool down before getting behind the wheel.
  • Understand that others have their reasons why they are driving slowly.
  • Use hand gestures wisely. You may want to give a friendly wave to a driver who is gracious enough to let you in when merging.
  • Always keep a safe distance from the car in front.
  • Do not honk unless very necessary. But then again, it would be best to lay off the horn.
  • Change lanes safely.
  • Do not respond to the aggressive driver. Do not attempt to stop or get out of the car. Avoid eye contact.

Most of the time, reckless and aggressive driving will lead to road rage and criminal offenses. Of course, you do not want to end up talking to car accident lawyers in Wisconsin or wherever you are in the world.

Instead of retaliating, resist road rage by taking a deep breath, staying calm, and driving safely regardless of the other motorist’s behavior.