Wedding Carriages: Consider These 5 Pointers When Choosing A Car Rental In Singapore!


There is rarely an occasion grand enough to justify dashing guests, dozens of bouquets, intricately-made dresses, three-foot-high cakes, and the like. For many, this quintessential occasion comes in the form of a wedding. The wedding venue, gowns, and food are usually taken care of early in the wedding planning. Typically, people hire wedding organisers to help them facilitate their big day as smoothly as possible.

While the factors listed are crucial, so is getting your bridal car. You can’t forget that your wedding car is an element that is just as vital as the others. Even Cinderella got accompanied to the palace in a gorgeous carriage, with dapper footmen to match. But what do you do when you don’t have a fairy godmother, unlike Cinderella, to whip up a shiny mode of transportation for you? That is the perfect time to call for the best car rental in Singapore!

During these times, car rental companies in Singapore can be your life and wedding saviour! Preparing for your special day is the most stressful, especially when you have no wedding organiser to work with and help you out. There are several things to take care of, including selecting the ultimate wedding car hire for your marriage. You may see this as a tiny task, but it can leave you frustrated and utterly distressed if not done correctly. Casually taking this aspect of your wedding is not wise. Any mistake or chaos can cause significant damage or unforeseen problems on your wedding day.

Ahead for the bride-to-be, here are five factors to help you find a credible car rental company in Singapore and score a wedding car to perfect your very own fairytale!



The first and foremost factor that you must consider is your budget. When choosing a car rental company in Singapore, assess how much money or what amount of cash you are planning to spend hiring a well-decorated wedding car. You must have set a specific budget for your wedding car hires. Find a rental company that helps you and your husband stick to your budget accordingly.

Considering the millions of options listed on Google these days, you will never have to worry about finding resources. You can look for one and canvass about their price offers. Carefully review each listing to ensure you get the best deal possible while staying within your budget and preventing extra expenses. It can help you in taking the decision about many other matters in this regard. If the car rental company in Singapore you are targeting provides their services at unreasonable and unfixed rates, you can move on to the following listing. While some offer affordable prices, some come with unexpected costs. If you come across a vehicle rental company with hidden charges, run!



Since there are numerous car rental companies in Singapore, select the best one with a good reputation among your options. Another crucial factor to consider before choosing a wedding car hire or vehicle rental company is its reputation. Opt for the one with a good reputation for their vehicles. You may read some reviews and testimonies from their previous clients. As it is your special day, you also need to consider the competency and punctuality of the driver of the hired car to ensure a safe ride to the venue. Consider assessing their vehicles as well if they are clean and well-maintained. So, you can be confident that you will have a trusted transport service for your special day.


Of course, the wedding date is the first thing you’ll need to consider when hiring a wedding car rental service in Singapore. Begin booking as soon as you have a target wedding date. Generally, people start planning a year or two before their scheduled wedding day. Once you have decided on the specifics, start looking for a wedding vehicle rental company. Delaying the booking process may result in disappointment or a lack of options available. Also, last-minute bookings can charge you additional fees.


Planning about the number of people is also crucial when getting a wedding car rental service in Singapore. How many people are accompanying the new couple in the wedding car? How many people need transportation from their houses to the venue? Depending on the size, season, and location, you may have different requirements for vehicle rental for your wedding.

Here are some people you need to include on your list. Of course, your own bridal car, one for the groom, another set of vehicles for the bridesmaids and one for the groomsmen. You may also want to reserve another auto or two for close family members, such as relatives, to make them feel special.

Before hiring a vehicle rental company, work with your wedding organiser and determine how many cars you will require. If you have several out-of-town guests, you may also consider arranging a bus instead to transport them to and from the venue. If it’s an intimate wedding with a few guests, the best choice is to go for a vehicle rental company.



Every marrying couple has some specific dreams and wishes regarding their wedding. When deciding which car rental company in Singapore, ensure to have the specifics in mind, such as which car model, colour, and type you want.

Before looking for a wedding car hire, have a good idea of your wedding theme. Is your wedding theme more of a vintage, old-school type? Are you going to have a beach wedding? Besides this, you also need to consider the season of your wedding. Will it be a summer wedding, spring wedding, or winter wedding? Knowing your wedding theme, colour schemes, and venue can help you effortlessly determine which auto you want to go for that can meet your specific needs matching your wedding theme.

Once you have it, immediately notify the vehicle rental company regarding the chosen colour, car model, and availability of your dream wedding car.


If you’re the kind of girl with a penchant for anything classic or want something old-school for your wedding, the best bet is to seek help from a vehicle rental company. Some agencies have a good car lineup that boasts restored vintage cars, perfecting your dream bridal car. It can, without a doubt, give you a feeling of an Old Hollywood muse. If you dream of an aesthetic with a more modern flair, a car rental company in Singapore is still the best one to call. When choosing a vehicle rental company, take these five into consideration. Hopefully, these pointers will help you score your ultimate dream bridal car.

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