When to Get Car Battery Replaced? 


A car battery is one of the most important parts of a vehicle. Without it, no one can start and drive an inch. Hence, it should always be kept in supreme condition and should be serviced and replaced if required. However, the question which arises is when a car battery should be replaced.

Well, the answer is given below through a series of factors that need to be checked before replacing it. If there is any issue with your vehicle’s battery, then you need to visit Flagstaff battery testing and replacement shop.

When to replace a car battery?

The simple answer to this is when a battery is not working properly, one should know that it should be charged or replaced, whichever is necessary. Every 3-5 years people should change an automobile’s battery. The battery’s changing time depends on various aspects such as usage pattern, maintenance, climate, battery type, etc.

However, to know exactly when to replace a battery people need to keep an eye on certain factors that showcase that a battery is not working properly and requires a replacement. These include:

  • Clicking sound when engine ignites

A vehicle’s battery is responsible for sending a signal and starting a car through its solenoid. However, if a battery is not working appropriately, then it fails to send a proper signal to its starter solenoid. Hence, this leads to a clicking sound whenever an individual tries to turn on a car. These sounds are easy to hear and shouldn’t be neglected at all; this indicates that it is time to change that battery.

  • Flickering or dim headlights

For all electrical aspects of a vehicle, the battery of a car is responsible. It means that taillights, headlights, interior lights, turn signals, etc. derive power from a vehicle’s battery. Therefore, if a battery becomes weak, it will fail to provide adequate power to such electrical functions.

This will lead to flickering or dimming of headlights. If there is constant dimming or flickering of headlights, then you need to visit Flagstaff battery replacement shop.

  • Odor

Sulphur is a component in car batteries as Sulphur compounds are found in electrolytes. When a battery gets old or its cells are damaged, electrolyte starts leaking. Thus, when this Sulphur starts to leak, there will be a rotten odor. It is easy to notice due to its smell as soon as an individual opens the hood of the car. If such odor is coming from the battery, then it is time to change it.

  • Jumpstart required

A car needing to jumpstart once or twice every year is not an issue, especially for vehicles that operate in extremely cold climates. Nevertheless, people need to jumpstart their cars often if a battery starts to become weak. If under any circumstances, an individual needs to jumpstart the car every day or every week, it means that there is some problem with the battery and most probably requires a replacement.

These are some of the signs that show when an individual needs to change the battery of a vehicle. Hence, get your battery checked immediately and replace it if required.