5 Must-Have Accessories on a Road Trip


There are numerous accessories you need for a long motorcycle trip. Before setting out, you must plan. A simple checklist of essential items will ensure you’re prepared and have the best possible experience. When selecting your motorcycle accessories, remember that you can carry very little, and be ready to buy the ones you need later.

One of the must-have accessories on a long motorcycle trip is a Bluetooth headset. It will allow you to communicate hands-free while riding and eliminate the hassle of reaching for your phone. Often, the phone’s screen gets so glaring that it’s impossible to use it for navigation. A moto-specific GPS is waterproof, and it will have glare-reducing technology.

A tyre repair kit is also a must-have. These kits include a complete set of tools and consumables required to repair tubed or non-tubed tyres. The most common components of tyre-repair kits include CO2 cartridges, CO2 release vas, repair strings, and cold patches.

Water and fuel are two essentials for riding in areas with limited supplies. Water cells and fuel come in many different sizes. Containers like Rotopaxfuel and water cells can be mounted to top racks or side carriers. But they can also travel in pannier bags. Rotopax fuel cells, unlike regular containers, do not deteriorate or leak in harsh environments. Fuel bladders are also available. They can be strapped onto racks, over other luggage, or to a seat behind the rider. Water bladders can often be used to transport water. Some motorcycle jackets have a large integrated rear pocket that holds a water tank.

Riders can also use drybag for hydration packs. It can be conveniently combined with other drybags using a clip adapter. For small items, you can use a motorcycle tank bag. It has different mounting options for your essentials. You can choose more miniature packs that only hold your water bladder. Comfort is essential when you ride with a backpack or hydration pack.

The experience of a motorcycle trip is always exciting, but it can also get uncomfortable after a certain point. Before leaving, you should prepare a list of essentials and condition your motorcycle with all the necessary gears like swmotech crash bars. If you are planning on taking a long motorcycle trip, don’t forget to bring a jacket, sunscreen, and water, you can also pack a waterproof camera and gloves.

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