What is Specific with the Fifth Wheel Models in the RV Segment?      


“Fifth-wheel” is a name that you get to hear quite often if you go around the circles of RVs, or Recreational Vehicles. Rather, “fifth wheels” is one kind of RV, that is getting popular in both the travel and automobile industries, with every passing day. It is now catching up with the latest trends of traveling where people are preferring a moving mainstay all through their travel time, rather than booking hotels at every transit place. Technically speaking, explained the Ankeny Fifth Wheel dealer, a fifth wheel is more often known as a hitch that allows one to connect a cargo attachment at the rear side of a large and powerful vehicle. To look at it resembles either that of a tractor or a truck. In the current scenario, a fifth wheel refers mostly to a “U” shaped coupling element found at the back of a towing vehicle, used for large transport vehicles, like a pickup truck, or a trailer.

How Useful is a Fifth Wheel RV?

Among all the other RV types, the popularity of the fifth wheels is on the rise. Thanks to the increasing level of comfort, adherence to personal needs, and affordability bring many travelers closer to the concept of traveling in a fifth-wheel RV.

Reliable Hitches

Fifth wheel hitches are turning out to be more reliable than other factory standards. It allows a sharp turning, which makes it easier to drive normally with the sturdy attachment following suit automatically. In other words, it is the hitch system that eliminates all the hazards of cumbersome maneuvering with other large trailers when there is a bumper pull. The fifth wheels are faring better than many other RVs because of the tremendous advantage that it offers.

Fifth Wheels Scored Higher Safety Record

The mechanism of the fifth wheels proved to be sturdier and safer, than other RV models, even if you are traveling at a higher speed. The hitch point of a fifth wheel is set at a higher height which reduces the sway of a trailer, which is an extremely dangerous towing condition. The hitch of the fifth wheels also distributes the weight of the trailer better giving a better anchoring point for the vehicle.


Compared to the large-sized Class A motorhomes, the fifth-wheel towed by a truck will use much lesser fuel. Naturally, the fifth wheels are preferred by many for being good for the environment and on the wallet.

Highly Customizable

As rightly said by the Ankeny RV dealership, the firth wheels are elastic in their sizes. The length of a fifth-wheel RV can range between 20 to 40 feet. This scope of customization allows travelers to travel both in small and big groups. While some fifth-wheel RVs can accommodate up to ten adult people, some are perfect for small families alike. All one needs is the right kind of attachment and a towing vehicle that comes with enough engine power to pull the fifth-wheel RV.